Seek out the best talent and stay connected

Complement your recruitment with virtual career fairs and live video interviews

For companies recruiting college graduates

Complement your campus recruitment program using Spothook’s live video interviewing platform and virtual career fairs to identify the strongest talent. Reconnect throughout the school year with interns and new hires to stay connected. Cast a bigger net over a larger pond to fill your funnel with stronger talent.

For recruiters evaluating hundreds and even thousands of applicants

Spothook’s live video interviewing platform and management system provides a highly efficient way to screen, schedule, interview, compare, and evaluate hundreds and even thousands of applicants in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods. Schedule live virtual career fairs involving hundreds of applicants in minutes. Tap into a global pool of candidates from the convenience of your office.

Make it effective and affordable

Spothook provides the tools and capabilities necessary to enhance your recruiting efforts and promote your brand. Whether a company focused on a campus recruitment program for interns and new hires or a recruiter sorting through 1000s of responses to a job opening, Spothook's integrated platform enables doing it quicker, more efficiently and more affordably.